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Intersection with crosswalk on Geary Blvd.


The Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project is a cost-effective way to improve bus service and enhance street conditions for Geary from Downtown to the Outer Richmond. Based on community input and ongoing technical evaluation,  the project team is identifying a staff-recommended alternative and presenting it to community groups along the corridor for feedback.

We also hosted three recent open houses to describe the project evaluation process and gather input on the proposed designs. The presentation materials from each open house are available:

Staff-Recommended Alternative Block-Level Design Maps

The following highly-detailed PDF maps provide aerial photos of the full length of the existing corridor at the block level. They also provide the same photos overlaid with the proposed Staff-Recommended Alternative design as of January 2014. The maps show the proposed bus lane configuration, stop configuration, left-turn locations and curbside uses for each block of the corridor.

Note that the project design has been refined in response to community input since these maps were created. The following changes are not reflected in the maps: the project will preserve the existing westbound local stops at Webster Street and Laguna Street and the existing eastbound local stop at Laguna Street. The project will also remove the proposed local stop at Buchanan Street. The project continues to include the proposed signalized mid-block crossing at Buchanan Street. 

Sample Geary corridor strip map image


The Project held community meetings in 2012 to solicit input on the conceptual alternatives and update the public on preliminary technical analysis regarding design details for key locations within the corridor, including the Outer Richmond, the complex intersections at Masonic Avenue and Fillmore Street, and the Inner Geary segment. The outreach included three community open houses, as well as presentations to existing community groups. Available materials:

Please feel free to submit comments via email.


If you haven't already, we encourage you to get involved! You can attend workshops to be held at key points in the process or the bi-monthly meetings of the Geary BRT CAC, which are open to the public. You may also contact the Study Team to request a presentation or meeting on this effort.


The current project Fact Sheet is available for download in several languages: EnglishSpanish (Español)Chinese (中文)Russian (Русский)Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)TagalogJapanese (日本語), and Korean (한국어).

Monthly Progress Reports

The project team has been providing monthly reports to the Transportation Authority Board on the project's progress, describing status and key activities, upcoming milestones, and the project schedule and budget. Reports are available as downloadable PDFs:

Sep 2013 | Oct 2013 | Nov 2013 | Dec 2013 | Jan 2014 | Feb 2014 | Mar 2014


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Geary BRT schedule timeline