Vision Zero Committee - April 10, 2014


Transportation Authority Board Special Meeting*

Date: 1:30 p.m., Thursday, April 10, 2014
Location: Room 250, City Hall
Commissioners: Commissioners Kim (Chair), Yee (Vice Chair), Breed, Mar, Wiener and Avalos (Ex Officio)

CLERK: Erika Cheng

1. Roll Call

2. Purpose of Vision Zero Committee – INFORMATION** schedule   BOS file 140047   BOS file 140039
We will describe the purpose and role of the Vision Zero Committee, and present the Committee’s meeting schedule. On February 25, 2014, through Resolution 14-58, the Transportation Authority established an ad hoc Vision Zero Committee to support the City’s efforts to take comprehensive and coordinated actions to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in the near-term. The Committee will oversee activities identified in Supervisor Kim’s legislation (BOS File No. 140047) including through better engineering, education, and enforcement. Supervisor Yee’s companion legislation (BOS File No. 140039) urges the Transportation Authority to coordinate a pedestrian safety public awareness campaign and Active Transportation Program grant application. Both resolutions call for the establishment of multi-agency teams to implement Vision Zero initiatives and undertake evaluation and reporting of project efforts. This is an information item.

3. Vision Zero Overview – INFORMATION presentation
Megan Wier, Epidemiologist at Department of Public Health and co-chair of the Vision Zero Task Force, will provide an overview of the Task Force’s work including its structure and activities related to the projects named in the Board of Supervisors-adopted Vision Zero resolutions. Ms Wier will also suggest agenda items for the next Vision Zero Committee meeting on June 12, such as project delivery. This is an information item.

4. Twenty-Four Near-Term Capital Projects – INFORMATION
Seleta Reynolds, Livable Streets Manager at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, will share the WalkFirst priority intersections, bicycle high injury corridors, and identify an initial sub-set of the 24 near-term engineering capital projects to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, with schedule and funding. This is an information item.

5. Education and Public Awareness Efforts – INFORMATION
John Knox-White, Transportation Planner at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, will present an overview of current and planned pedestrian safety education initiatives and coordination activities. Mr. Knox-White will also provide an overview of the scope and schedules for the Pedestrian Safety Education and Awareness Campaign; Large Vehicle Training program; and discuss agency efforts to respond to Supervisor Yee’s resolution including development of the upcoming statewide Active Transportation Program grant application. This is an information item.

6. Introduction of New Items

7. Public Comment

8. Adjournment

** Additional materials
*If a quorum of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is present, the meeting constitutes a Special Meeting of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. The Clerk shall make a note of it in the minutes, and discussion shall be limited to items noticed on this agenda.
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