San Francisco’s Cycle 5 Lifeline Transportation Program (LTP) draft programming recommendations were presented on April 25, 2018 to the Transportation Authority's Citizens Advisory Committee. On May 8, 2018, the Transportation Authority Board will consider LTP project priorities for preliminary action and on May 22, 2018, the Board will consider LTP project priorities for final action.  


The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) established the Lifeline Transportation Program to fund projects improving mobility for low-income residents, specifically to address issues identified through focused outreach through community-based planning processes. For Cycle 5, as the Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco, the Transportation Authority programmed up to $2,578,270 million in state and federal funds, which were subject to this call. This page shows only summary information of the call. For details, please refer to the memo and attachments in the Call for Projects Materials section below.

Eligible Sponsors

Given fund source restrictions, only transit operators were eligible to apply directly for LTP funds. 

Public agencies that were not eligible to receive funds directly and non-profit organizations could receive funds only if partnered with eligible recipients.

Eligible PRojects

The LTP is intended to fund innovative and flexible operating and capital projects that address transportation needs of low-income populations, many of whom are transit-dependent.  Eligible projects include: new, enhanced, or restored transit service, including late-night and weekend services; transit stop enhancements; purchase of vehicles or technologies; transit-related aspects of bicycling; shuttle service; and various elements of mobility management.

See Attachment 2 for a list of previously LTP-funded projects in San Francisco.

Projects must be consistent with funding-specific requirements, as summarized in Appendix 1 of MTC’s Guidelines (Attachment 1). 

The LTP requires a minimum local match of 20% of the total project cost except for auto-related projects, which require a 50% match.

Prioritization Criteria

Consistent with MTC's guidelines, the Transportation Authority evaluated eligible projects based on the following criteria:

  • Project need/goals and objective
  • Community-identified priority
  • Implementation plan and project management capacity
  • Project budget and sustainability
  • Cost-effectiveness and performance indicators
  • Coordination and outreach
  • Project sponsor’s priority if submitting multiple applications
  • Program/geographic diversity

For LTP Cycle 5, we prioritized transit operating projects that support Communities of Concern (Attachment 3 provides a map of San Francisco’s) since LTP is one of the few sources that the Transportation Authority can direct to operating projects. For the scale of funding available for this LTP call for projects, operating projects provided more opportunity for a broader geographic distribution of benefits to Communities of Concern than what would likely be one small capital project focused on an intersection or single block.

Application Process

Upon receipt of applications, we first screened candidate sponsors and projects for eligibility and forwarded eligible applications to San Francisco’s LTP Evaluation Panel. Based on the LTP Evaluation Panel's findings, we developed a final funding recommendation and presented it to the Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee on April 25, 2018 and will present to the Board on May 8, 2018 and May 22, 2018. 

Transportation Authority Board and Citizens Advisory Committee meeting dates and materials are regularly updated on the meetings page of our website.


February 14, 2018: Transportation Authority issued a call for projects
March 23, 2018, 5 pm: Applications due to the Transportation Authority
April 25, 2018: Transportation Authority's Citizens Advisory Committee considers LTP project priorities
May 8, 2018: Transportation Authority Board considers LTP project priorities for preliminary action
May 22, 2018: Transportation Authority Board considers LTP project priorities for final action
May 31, 2018: Transportation Authority Board-approved Cycle 5 Lifeline program of projects due to MTC
July 2018: MTC Commission approval of program of projects

A more detailed schedule is listed in the call for projects memo.

Call for projects materials

Final guidelines and application materials are available below.


For more information

Contact Aprile Smith, Senior Transportation Planner, via email or at 415.522.4837.