Pedestrians in SoMa crosswalkThere are many intersections in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood where freeway on- or off-ramps intersect city streets. Many of these ramps are located close to public schools, single room occupancy hotels, and senior centers, which are frequented by populations at high risk of injury from traffic collisions.

The Transportation Authority and the SFMTA are conducting studies to develop recommended safety improvements for all travelers through these intersections, especially the most vulnerable populations, and to support progress towards the City's Vision Zero goal to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024.

Vision Zero Ramp Study 1: Pedestrian Safety in SoMa Youth and Family Zone

The area in the South of Market neighborhood designated as a Youth and Family Zone includes multiple locations where freeway on- or off-ramps intersect city streets.  These ramp intersections tend to have particularly high frequencies of traffic injuries and fatalities. The Transportation Authority and the SFMTA have developed recommendations for improving safety at five ramp intersections within this zone and are currently finalizing this phase of the study and working on next steps to implement the recommendations.

Vision Zero Ramp Study 2: Improving Street Safety in the Greater SoMa Neighborhood

The Transportation Authority has received Caltrans grant funding to evaluate 10 additional ramp intersections within the greater SoMa neighborhood, building from the first study. The Transportation Authority and SFMTA are currently studying the additional intersections and will develop recommendations for improving safety at at these intersections as well.