Caltrain Oakdale Station Study

Site of the proposed Caltrain Oakdale station


The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (Transportation Authority) is working with Caltrain to study a potential new Caltrain Station at Oakdale Avenue. The Bayview community identified the potential to develop a Caltrain station at an Oakdale Avenue site as a high priority in several planning processes, including the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan and the Bayview Connections Project Plan.

The proposed station is intended to:

  • Support economic development in the Bayview
  • Improve transit access to Peninsula job centers
  • Create a new community node with enhanced pedestrian access.

Download the Caltrain Oakdale Station Study Fact Sheet (PDF, 7.6MB).


The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has completed a draft Ridership Study to assess demand for a station under different scenarios. The study found that:

  • A potential station at Oakdale Avenue would have strong ridership, with the potential for approximately 4,700 daily boardings and alightings in 2030. 
  • Riders would primarily come from the neighborhoods surrounding the station, including the Bayview, Hunters Point, Silver Terrace, and Bernal Heights, and use the service to commute to Peninsula employment centers. 
  • Most passengers would access the station by walking and taking transit, with a smaller share by bicycle and only 12% by auto. Auto access could be further reduced with strategies including pedestrian and bicycle improvements, parking management, and local shuttles.

The Ridership Study will be presented to the Transportation Authority Board in March 2014.

Download the Ridership Study Final Report approved by the Transportation Authority Board on March 25, 2014.


In 2005, the Transportation Authority completed an engineering feasiblity study that evaluated alternative conceptual design options for constructing a Caltrain station at Oakdale Avenue between Phelps Street and Quint Street through technical investigations and an inclusive community-based planning process. Consulting firm HNTB was selected to perform engineering feasibility studies, existing conditions analysis, alternatives analysis on station concept designs, outreach, and planning level cost estimation for a proposed Caltrain station at the Oakdale Avenue site. The Study demonstrated that it is feasible to construct a Caltrain station at Oakdale Avenue and also developed conceptual station designs for the station site through a community-based planning and design process.

Download the Final Report for the station feasibility study.


The station is estimated to cost approximately $50 million. Potential funding sources include Prop K Transportation Sales Tax and other local, regional and federal funds.


Following completion of the Ridership Study, the Transportation Authority and Caltrain are coordinating two projects to replace the rail bridge over Quint Street with a berm and construct a new Quint-Jerrold Connector Road, both of which are designed to accommodate a potential future station at Oakdale Avenue. See our Quint/Jerrold project page.

Future steps to plan for a station include community outreach and development of Caltrain service planning and expansion policies; station access, parking, and demand management strategies; and cost estimate and funding plans.


The Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood is located in the southeast portion of San Francisco, and was served by Caltrain at Paul Avenue until its closure in 1999. The Caltrain line enters a tunnel section immediately north of Paul Avenue and emerges from the tunnel just south of Oakdale Avenue in the Bayview neighborhood. Interest in relocating the Paul Ave station to the Oakdale site originated about two decades ago. The Paul Avenue station was served by only a few trains per day, and was perceived as unsafe and inconvenient to residential and key commercial destinations. The potential for constructing a station at Oakdale was evaluated as part of a 1988 Caltrans study, which established feasibility but also raised questions about cost. Subsequently, the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan was completed, reviving interest in studies to evaluate engineering, design and cost issues at the Oakdale site.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority began the Bayview-Oakdale Caltrain Station Study by convening an inter-agency technical advisory committee comprised of representatives from the Planning Department, Redevelopment Agency, MTA/Muni, Port of San Francisco, and Caltrain JPB (the Study Team). The study was also guided by the Bayview Project Area Committee, Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee.

The Bayview community identified the potential to develop a Caltrain station at an Oakdale Avenue site as a high priority in several planning processes, including the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan and the Bayview Connections Project Plan. Local transportation sales tax funding for the Caltrain Oakdale Station project was included in the voter-approved Proposition K Expenditure Plan. If implemented, a station at Oakdale Avenue would provide better regional access to and from the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood and surrounding area, improve connections with local Muni bus and rail services, and contribute to community revitalization and neighborhood development efforts.

Conceptual Station Designs

Two station concept plans, the Basic Concept Plan and the Enhanced Concept Plan, were developed as part of the 2005 Feasibility Study. Both plans exceed the minimum requirements necessary for a Caltrain station, but have different funding requirements due to the additional station elements included in the Enhanced option.

Basic Caltrain Oakdale station plan Enhanced Caltrain Oakdale station plan

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