Special Plans and Programs Committee - November 23, 2010

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Meeting Notice

Date:                  9:30 a.m., Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Location:                Room 263, City Hall
Commissioners:   Commissioners Campos (Chair), Chu (Vice Chair), Chiu, Avalos, Dufty and Mirkarimi (Ex Officio) 
Clerk:                      Erika Cheng

1.                   Roll Call

2.                  Update on the Financial Plan for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's Central Subway Project - INFORMATION* attachment

In response to a request made by Commissioner Chu, at the November 16 Plans and Programs Committee meeting, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) staff gave a presentation on the financial plan for the Central Subway project, with an emphasis on efforts to close the project's funding shortfall. The SFMTA has until February 2011 to develop a full funding plan for the project that can be submitted to the Federal Transit Administration as one of the requirements needed to support a Full Funding Grant Agreement for the project, which among other things would establish the Federal New Starts funding commitment to the project.  Given the tight timeline, the Committee asked Authority and SFMTA staff to work together to bring a more detailed plan for filling the project's shortfall to a special meeting to be held the following week. The Central Subway was one of the major capital projects in the Prop B sales tax program that was grandfathered into the Prop K Expenditure Plan. The SFMTA estimates the total project cost at $1.578 billion. The project, which is now in the final design phase, has a funding shortfall of $137 million. In addition, the SFMTA is also developing financial strategies that will enable the project to stay on schedule despite the potential delay in availability of several fund sources such as $88 million in State Regional Improvement Program funds committed to the project by the Authority and State Prop 1A and 1B bond funds. This is an information item.

3.                  Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION

4.                  Public Comment

5.                  Adjournment


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