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The San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP) 2017 is the strategic update of the San Francisco Transportation 2040 Plan adopted in 2013. See the Plan Details page for more information.

The 2017 update will focus on revising transportation funding revenue forecasts, reassessing projects previously identified for funding, and developing policy analyses regarding investment priorities. The update will also develop policy papers focused on key policy issues facing San Francisco – e.g., shared mobility, school transportation, equity, etc. These policies will guide advocacy in the Plan Bay Area 2040 and other near term transportation funding and prioritization decisions.

The forthcoming SFTP 2017 update is part of a state-mandated, regional effort coordinated by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) known as Plan Bay Area 2040.  All cities and counties are working to update their contributions to this plan to help the region better anticipate transportation needs and accommodate future population and employment growth. 



The SFTP is the city’s 30-year blueprint that guides investment in our city’s transportation system. Through detailed data analysis, interagency collaboration, and listening to the public, we evaluated ways to improve our system with the resources we have, and with potential new revenues. The SFTP recommends a diverse investment plan that makes meaningful progress towards our important goals: economic competitiveness, safe and livable neighborhoods, environmental health, and well maintained infrastructure. It also recommends policy changes that depart from “business as usual” and will help us make the most out of our investments.


Download PDFs of the current SFTP fact sheet and its inserts: