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On November 2, 2010, San Francisco voters approved Proposition AA (Prop AA), authorizing the Transportation Authority to collect an additional $10 annual vehicle registration fee on motor vehicles registered in San Francisco and to use the proceeds to fund projects identified in the Expenditure Plan. Total revenues are estimated over the next 30-year Expenditure Plan period at approximately $150.0 million (year of expenditure dollars) or about $5 million annually. The Expenditure Plan described the types of projects that were eligible for funds, including programmatic categories (i.e. Street Repair and Reconstruction, Pedestrian Safety, and Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements) and established limits on Prop AA funding by programmatic category.

Because the Prop AA Expenditure Plan did not detail specific projects for funding in the three programmatic categories, it required that the Transportation Authority prepare, in close consultation with potential project sponsors, a Strategic Plan for the use of Prop AA revenues to be reviewed and adopted by the Transportation Authority Board. The Strategic Plan is the primary document for implementing the Expenditure Plan. It provides the long-term (i.e. 30-year) road map for managing Prop AA revenue, establishes policies for the allocation and expenditure of funds, and clarifies the Transportation Authority's expectations of sponsors to deliver their projects, and includes programming of $26.4 million for the three programmatic categories within Prop AA for Fiscal Years 2012/13 through 2016/17.


The Prop AA Strategic Plan has been updated for Fiscal Years 2017/18 to 2021/22.

Updated elements of the Strategic Plan are:


In December 2012, the Transportation Authority Board approved the first Prop AA Strategic Plan including the programming of $26.4 million in Prop AA vehicle registration fee revenues to 19 projects in the first five years of Prop AA (Fiscal Years 2012/13 to 2016/17). The core elements of the Strategic Plan can be downloaded and reviewed below:




The Strategic Plan, which identifies the projects that Proposition AA (Prop AA) revenue will fund, is amended when changes to the program of projects are needed.  These can include modifications to the cash flow of projects, programming funds for a different phase, or the cancellation of projects and the addition of new projects.  Projects that are not advancing are subject to losing Prop AA funding, and those funds become available in a competitive call to fund new projects.

In October 2013, the Board approved a Strategic Plan amendment to push out funds for five projects by one fiscal year. The amendment also addressed a special condition that was included in the Strategic Plan to reprioritize District 6 pedestrian safety projects based on input from the District Supervisor, community stakeholders and project sponsors. View the Strategic Plan's amended programming and cash flows as of October 2013. Read a memo describing this Strategic Plan amendment.

In April 2014, the Board amended the Strategic Plan to program recommended projects from the first Prop AA competitive call for projects. Funds became available due to San Francisco State University's cancellation of the Winston Drive Pedestrian Improvements project ($1.15 million). The amendment added two projects to the Strategic Plan to receive Prop AA programming- UC Hasting's McAllister Street Campus Streetscape project and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's Webster Street Pedestrian Countdown Signals project. See details on the call for projects and the Strategic Plan amendment.

In March 2016, the Board amended the Strategic Plan to program $2,192,934 million to four projects because of revisions to revenue estimates and cost savings from recently completed projects.  In addition to reprogramming funds to two projects from the first Prop AA competitive call for projects (Broadway Chinatown and Mansell Streetscape Improvement Projects), the amendment added two projects to the Strategic Plan to receive Prop AA programming. New projects included the construction of a Muni bus layover area at the BART Daly City Station to accommodate planned service increases for the 14R-Mission Rapid, and the design of SFMTA’s Bulb-outs at WalkFirst Locations project which would upgrade up to 25 existing painted safety zones with concrete bulb-outs on pedestrian high injury corridors throughout the city. See details on the call for projects and the Strategic Plan amendment.

April 2014 Amendment

October 2013 Amendment

To see Prop AA funded projects, view MyStreetSF (interactive project map).


Throughout 2012, Transportation Authority staff worked with project sponsors, along with Transportation Authority Board members, members of the Transportation Authority's Citizens Advisory Committee, and members of the public to develop policies, prioritization criteria, and a program of projects for the first five years of Prop AA (i.e. Fiscal Year 2012/13 through Fiscal Year 2016/17). The Transportation Authority Board approved the Prop AA Strategic Plan policies, prioritization criteria, and program of projects on December 11, 2012. The adopted policies and prioritization criteria provide guidance to both Transportation Authority staff and project sponsors on the various aspects of managing the Prop AA program, and they helped determine which projects were given the highest priority for funding in the first five years of Prop AA. The Strategic Plan Project Programming document shows the Prop AA programming and cash flow, as adopted by the Transportation Authority Board. As required by the Expenditure Plan, Authority staff worked with project sponsors to develop a five-year prioritization program (5YPP) for each of the three programmatic categories that includes the scope, schedule, budget, and funding plan for the approved projects. The 5YPPs provide the basis for future allocation requests. Together, the policies and prioritization criteria, the recommended programming and corresponding cash flows, and the 5YPPs make up the core elements of the Prop AA Strategic Plan.

Memos to the Plans and Programs Committee

Memos to the Citizens Advisory Committee


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