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2017 Prop AA Strategic Plan Call for Projects

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San Francisco voters approved Proposition AA (Prop AA) on November 2, 2010. Prop AA uses revenues collected from an additional $10 annual vehicle registration fee on motor vehicles in San Francisco for local road repairs, pedestrian safety improvements, and transit reliability and mobility improvements throughout the city.

State legislation adopted in 2009 enabled Congestion Management Agencies to establish up to a $10 countywide vehicle registration fee to fund transportation projects or programs having a relationship or benefit to the people paying the fee. Prop AA designated the Transportation Authority as the administrator of Prop AA and approved a 30-year Expenditure Plan specifying the use of the revenues. Revenue collection began in May 2011.

The Prop AA Vehicle Registration Fee is a key part of an overall strategy to develop a balanced, well thought-out program to improve transportation for San Francisco residents, and generates nearly $5 million per year.

In December 2012, the Transportation Authority Board approved the Prop AA Strategic Plan, which guides the timing of Prop AA expenditures and programs $26.4 million to projects over the next five years (Fiscal Years 2012/13 through 2016/17). Since December 2012, the Transportation Authority Board has allocated about $20 million in Prop AA funds to twenty projects

Since 2012, the Transportation Authority Board has approved three amendments to the Prop AA Strategic Plan. The first amendment, approved in October 2013, pushed out funds for five Fiscal Year 2012/13 projects by one fiscal year and reprioritized District 6 safety projects based on input from the District Supervisor, community stakeholders, and project sponsors. In April 2014, the Board amended the Strategic Plan to add two projects and to program recommended projects from the first Prop AA competitive call for projects. In March 2016, the Transportation Authority Board approved a third amendment to program $2,192,934 million to four projects. This programming amount was made available as a result of six projects in the Strategic Plan that did not need the full amount of Prop AA funds to reach completion and revised revenue assumptions based on actual revenues to date. See details on the updated Prop AA Strategic Plan and the Prop AA program status, as well as current Transportation Authority project news.

To view information on all the current projects programmed for Prop AA funding, see the Prop AA Strategic Plan 5-Year Prioritization Programs.

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Download the Proposition AA Vehicle Registration Fee fact sheet (PDF).


Mike Pickford, Transportation Planner for the SFCTA, at 415.522.4822 or via email.