Proposition AA | Expenditure Plan


Throughout 2010, the Transportation Authority worked with numerous stakeholders to develop an Expenditure Plan that articulated how revenues would be used.

The fee will fund programs that:

  • Repair and reconstruct our local streets and roads with priority given to streets located on San Francisco's bicycle and transit networks and to projects that include complete streets elements such as curb ramps, bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian improvements, and traffic calming.
  • Increase the safety and usability of streets for pedestrians, including crosswalk improvements, sidewalk repair and widening, corner bulbouts, and pedestrian lighting and signals.
  • Make public transportation more efficient, reliable, and accessible, including transit station and stop improvements, transit signal priority, travel information improvements, innovative parking management pilots, and transportation demand management.

The Expenditure Plan was developed with the following guiding principles:

  • Provide a documentable benefit or relationship to those paying the fee
  • Limit the Expenditure Plan to a few programmatic categories, given the relatively small revenue stream
  • Focus on small, but high-impact projects that will provide tangible benefits in the short-term
  • Provide a fair geographic distribution that takes into account the various needs of San Francisco's neighborhoods
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in programming and delivery

To see Prop AA funded projects, view the Prop AA Strategic Plan or MyStreetSF (interactive project map).

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SB 83 CAC Subcommittee

The Subcommittee of the CAC was established to inform the process of the development of an Expenditure Plan for a potential new vehicle registration fee in San Francisco. Members of the subcommittee include:

  • Jul Lynn Parsons
  • Peter Tannen
  • Jacqualine Sachs
  • Robert Switzer

SB 83 Stakeholder Advisory Panel

The Stakeholder Advisory Panel was established to provide valuable feedback into the development of an Expenditure Plan for the new vehicle registration fee in San Francisco. Members of the panel include:

  • Jean Fraser
  • Gillian Gillett
  • Jim Haas
  • John Holtzclaw
  • Jim Lazarus
  • Gabe Metcalf
  • Andy Thornley

Memos to the Plans and Programs Committee

Memo to the Finance Committee

Memos to the Citizens Advisory Committee


Mike Pickford, Transportation Planner for the SFCTA, at 415.522.4822 or via email.