Potrero Pedestrian Safety & Walking School Bus Project [NTIP CAPITAL]


Visualization of improvements at 23Rd / Dakota & Missouri

The Potrero Hill neighborhood is a Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Community of Concern that has a high percentage of people of color and a high percentage of low income households.

A large community-wide revitalization project, Rebuild Potrero, is underway in this neighborhood that promises to bring a number of transformational land use, housing, and transportation changes to the Potrero Terrace and Annex public housing sites. However, Rebuild Potrero is currently in environmental review, and the ultimate build-out of the site is still several years away. Meanwhile, the existing site contains streets that are too wide given the low traffic volumes and many of the intersections are lacking basic amenities such as crosswalks. Additionally, numerous planning studies have cited exhibition driving and unsafe conditions for residents walking the site.

This implementation project was as recommended through the Potrero Hill Neighborhood Transportation Plan (NTP), in partnership with the Planning Department and BRIDGE Housing. It is implemented to respond to community desires for immediate pedestrian safety improvements during Rebuild Potrero construction. Please see the powerpoint presentation from SF Planning Department for up-to-date information. For more information, please see the project’s Prop K Allocation Request Form.


Community Participation & Outreach Timeline

Partnering with BRIDGE Housing, the Transportation Authority has led a NTP effort that developed conceptual designs with significant input from community residents and leaders. The NTP was presented at a community wide forum on three separate dates where three design charrettes were held with local residents in addition to multiple walks and site visits in concert with community leaders. The Planning Department organized additional outreach meetings and workshops, including Focus Group and Youth Mural Design Workshops, to finalize the design (see the image on the right).

The Planning Department, in collaboration with the SFMTA and several community partners such as Bridge Housing, Park Alliance, and Rebuild Potrero, is hosting a community event on March 11 to install a mural in the project area, the first piece of several innovative features to be implemented. 

Save the date for the March Community Mural Installation!

  • When: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 9am - 4pm. 
  • Where: Outside Potrero Hill Recreation Center, the area near the intersection of Missouri St. & Turner Terrace. Please see Figure d. Potrero Hill Community Mural below for more information. 
  • Who: All ages and all artistic abilities are welcome at this event.



This project will include temporary roadway and public space improvements to enhance pedestrian safety and provide new community gathering areas. The scope of work includes the following activities:

  • Intersection pedestrian safety enhancements
  • Walking school bus path
  • Multi-use areas
  • Community mural

Potrero Hill Intersection Safety Enhancements.

Potrero Hill Walking School Bus Route.

 Potrero Hill Pedestrian Safety & Walking School Bus Project

Potrero Hill Community Mural.


Implementation will begin in Spring 2017 and continue in phases throughout 2017.