Model Service Bureau

The SFCTA Model and GIS Service Bureau maintains the San Francisco travel demand forecasting model (SF-CHAMP) and provides services to interested parties regarding model data and output as well as GIS data.

Contact the Model and GIS Service Bureau regarding the following:

  • Requests for model data
  • Questions or comments on model documentation
  • Requests for model runs for specific applications

The Transportation Authority maintains a wide variety of scripts and utilities to harness and quality control the data going into and out of the SF-CHAMP model. We have made a few of them available for download. Note that the Transportation Authority is providing these with no warranty or guarantee.

To inquire about bureau services, please email Elizabeth Sall or call the SFCTA at 415.522.4800. In order to respond to you request with the most appropriate data, please be sure and include: 

  • What you are planning on doing with the data?
  • What projects are you using it for?