Mansell Street in McLaren Park improvements


In June 2013, through Resolution 13-63, the Transportation Authority Board adopted the OBAG 1 project list for San Francisco.  Please visit the OBAG 1 Call for Projects page for the selection process.

[Status update as of December 2016]

Project Name (Sponsor) Description
Construction Start Open
for Use
Total Project Cost OBAG
Chinatown Broadway Street Design (San Francisco Public Works (SFPW)

Design and construct a complete streets project on Broadway from Columbus to the Broadway Tunnel, including bulb-outs, special crosswalk paving, new medians, street trees, bus stop improvements, and repaving.

Construction contract was re-advertised in January 2016.

May 2016 May 2017 $7,102,487 $3,410,537 1
ER Taylor Elementary School Safe Routes to School (SFPW)

Design and construct four pedestrian bulb outs at the intersection of Bacon and Gottingen near ER Taylor Elementary School to improve pedestrian safety.

Project is now open for use.

June 2015 November 2015 $604,573 $519,631
Longfellow Elementary School Safe Routes to School (SFPW)

Design and construct pedestrian safety improvements at the intersections of Mission & Whittier, Mission & Whipple, and Mission & Lowell near Longfellow Elementary School.

Project is now open for use.

August 2015 March 2016 $852,855 $670,307
Mansell Corridor Improvement (SFMTA)

Design and construct of a complete streets project on Mansell Street from Visitacion Avenue to Brazil Street including reduction in number of vehicular lanes and creating a multiuse path for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Construction in progress.

September 2015 January 2017 $6,807,348 $1,762,239
Masonic Avenue Complete Streets (SFMTA)

Construct complete streets improvements on Masonic Avenue from Fell to Geary, including reallocation of space to calm traffic, dedicated bicycle space (raised cycle track), and pedestrian enhancements.

Construction contract was awarded in February 2016.

February 2016

November 2017

$22,785,900 $0 2
Second Street Streetscape Improvement (SFPW)

Design and construct of a complete streets project on Second Street from Market to Townsend, including pedestrian safety improvements, a buffered cycle track, landscaping, and repaving.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was certified on August 13, 2015.

January 2017 December 2018 $13,378,174 $10,515,746
Transbay Transit Center Bike and Pedestrian Improvements (Transbay Joint Powers Authority)

Construct pedestrian and bicycle projects associated with the Transbay Transit Center, including a pedestrian walkway, sidewalks, path-finding signage, real time passenger information, bike racks and channels, pedestrian lighting, and public art.

OBAG work will be implemented as part of various construction contracts for the Transbay Transit Center project.

July 2015 December 2017 $11,480,440 $6,000,000

Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Procurement (SFMTA)

Purchase 175 replacement LRVs and 25 expansion LRVs to help meet projected vehicle needs through 2020.

The first new LRV is expected to roll out by the end of 2016.

September 2014 (procurement) Through 2020 $175,000,000 $10,227,540 2

Lombard Street US-101 Corridor (SFMTA)

Construct a package of safety treatments,

including transit and pedestrian bulbs, high-visibility crosswalks, leading pedestrian intervals, advanced limit lines and daylighting.

November 2017 February 2019  $17,465,000 $1,910,000 1
    Total OBAG: $35,016,000

1 Because the OBAG funds were unavailable when needed, $1.91 million in OBAG funds from Chinatown Broadway Street Design were swapped with SFMTA local revenue bond funds and later reprogrammed to SFPW's Lombard Street US-101 Corridor through Resolution 16-19.

2 In order to minimize risk of losing federal funds due to project delays, in February 2015, the Transportation Authority Board reprogrammed $10,227,540 in OBAG funds from SFMTA's Masonic Avenue project to the LRV Procurement project, with the condition that SFMTA continue to follow OBAG reporting requirements for the Masonic Avenue project. See the Plans and Programs Committee memo (February 3, 2015) and Resolution 15-42 for more detail.

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