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Ride-hail companies such as Uber and Lyft are having an increasingly visible presence on San Francisco streets. But until now there has been little information to help the public and policy-makers understand the impact these services are having on our city.

The Transportation Authority and SFMTA are creating a series of reports that will answer key questions about ride-hail companies, also known as Transportation Network Companies, or TNCs. The first report, TNCs Today, describes the current characteristics of ride-hail companies in San Francisco, including the number, location, and timing of trips. Future reports will assess the existing regulatory landscape, best practices and various impacts of ride-hail companies on:

  • Roadway Safety
  • Congestion
  • Transit Demand
  • Transit Operations
  • Equity
  • Disabled Access
  • Land Use and Curb Management

These reports will provide valuable data to help policy makers understand, assess and respond to these impacts as we work collectively to provide a range of transportation alternatives that will enhance mobility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on private automobiles.  


TNCs Today
Lead agency: Transportation Authority | Released: June 2017
This study describes the current characteristics of TNCs in San Francisco, including the number, location, and timing of trips.

The TNC Regulatory Landscape
Lead agency: Transportation Authority | Draft released: December 2017
This study provides an overview of existing state and local TNC regulatory frameworks across the country and within California.

Photos via Flickr Commons. Top, left to right: Ford GoBikes: David Goehring; Google AV: Ed and Eddie; Smartphone: CAFNR; Zip Car: Andrew Curry.