The Transportation Authority and SFMTA hosted a partner workshop in summer 2017 to give community stakeholders, advocacy groups, agency partners and emerging mobility companies an opportunity to come together and discuss how the City should evaluate emerging mobility services and technologies. The workshop was also an opportunity for participants to hear suggestions made by other companies and community members and discuss how they can help the City meet its goals.

Guiding Principles Evaluation

Following the Emerging Mobility workshop, the Transportation Authority will conduct an evaluation of emerging mobility types with help from conclusions made from the workshop. Part of this evaluation is an assessment of identify gaps in our information. To fill these gaps, the Transportation Authority will reach out to workshop participants for any data they are willing to share with us. This evaluation will cover types of services and technologies—such as carshare, bikeshare, ride hail apps, scooter share, etc.—rather than specific companies such as Zipcar or car2go.

Coming Soon:

  • Summary evaluation table
  • Evaluation results