Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies Studies

Auto congestion on Howard St.


New technologies are enabling rapid adaptation and innovation in transportation modes and services. These technologies include ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber, ride-pooling services such as Chariot, and autonomous vehicle technologies. Some of these services operate at legal margins and their impacts on the transportation system have gone unmeasured. These technological advances in transportation services have resulted in potentially complementary and conflicting services with the City’s Transit First and other policies and likely require updates to existing transportation infrastructure, rules, regulations and policies. The public sector policy response can be strengthened by a goals-based evaluation of the benefits and impacts of the new services. This analysis can also help shape the application and integration of these technologies to support transportation and other citywide goals.

Man textingSTUDIES

The Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies studies will produce a series of memos and reports in two phases.

Phase I

Phase II

  • Data Reporting Policy, Protocols, and Strategy for Implementation
  • Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies pilot and research plan


Phase I

  • Inventory and policy framework. Launched March 2017, expect to be completed by June 2017
  • Evaluation. Plan to launch June 2017 and expected to be completed by September 2017

Phase II

  • Data policy and Pilot and research plan. Plan to launch September 2017 and completed December 2017


The Transportation Authority will work closely with the SFMTA, other city agencies, and regional agencies to coordinate our respective studies and work plans. 


Download a copy of the latest Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies Studies fact sheet.
See the Memo to the Transportation Authority Board for its April 25, 2017 meeting.  


Email Warren Logan, Senior Transportation Planner at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority,
at emerging-mobility@sfcta.org

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