Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies

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New technologies are fundamentally changing the way residents and visitors get around San Francisco. These  “Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies” include ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber, ride-pooling services such as Chariot, bike share, autonomous vehicle technologies, and more.

Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies are rapidly altering our city’s transportation network, sometimes complementing and sometimes conflicting with the City’s Transit First policy. Some of these technologies operate at legal margins and their impacts on the transportation system have gone unmeasured.

Studying Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies

The Transportation Authority is working with the SFMTA and partners from the public and private sector to conduct a series of studies on Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies. Conclusions from these evaluations may be used to develop potential strategies, partnerships, and policy options that support citywide goals.

This is a collaborative effort. We are committed to working with San Francisco and Bay Area public agencies, community stakeholders, emerging mobility companies, and advocacy groups to understand how we can work together and learn from each other.

Man textingSTUDIES

Inventory of Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies (complete). After defining what it means to be an emerging mobility service or technology, we identify the emerging mobility types in the San Francisco Bay Area. A crucial part of this effort was reaching out to local emerging mobility companies to understand their approach to mobility in our city and introduce the study's goals and next steps.

Guiding Principles for Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies (complete). We identify a set of goals or “Guiding Principles” to reference as a framework for developing policies and programs for Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies. These 10 Guiding Principles were developed through a collaboration with the SFMTA and through stakeholder engagement process.

Evaluating Service and Technology Types (in progress). Using the Guiding Principles, we will evaluate how these services and technology types are helping San Francisco meet its goals. The Transportation Authority and SFMTA hosted a workshop in summer 2017 to engage stakeholders around the evaluation process. The final evaluation will identify how emerging mobility services and technologies are helping us meet our goals, areas for improvement, and gaps in our knowledge. The results will be used to inform next steps outlined below.

Next Steps: Working Together to Achieve our Goals (TBD). The Transportation Authority will work with community partners, agencies, and Emerging Mobility Services and Technology companies to identify ways we can continue to meet our goals, improve in areas where we fall short, and forge new partnerships to broaden and strengthen our understanding of mobility in San Francisco.

This study will culminate in a report on potential strategies, partnerships, and policy options that can be implemented locally or at the state level to improve mobility in San Francisco.


The Transportation Authority will work closely with the SFMTA, other City agencies, and regional agencies to coordinate our respective studies and work plans. 


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