Pedestrian Safety in SOMA Youth and Family Zone | Vision Zero Ramp Intersection Study

SoMa's Youth and Family ZonePROJECT BACKGROUND

The South of Market Area designated as a Youth and Family Zone includes multiple locations where freeway on- or off-ramps intersect city streets. These ramp intersections tend to have particularly high frequencies of traffic injuries and fatalities. In 2014, one ramp intersection alone (5th and Harrison Street), saw four traffic fatalities. These ramps are also located close to several public schools, single room occupancy hotels, and senior centers, which attract populations at high risk of injury from traffic collisions.


Vision Zero Ramps Study AreaThe Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are developing recommendations for improving safety at five ramp intersections within the Youth and Family Zone to improve safety for all travelers within the zone, especially the most vulnerable populations, and to support progress towards the city's Vision Zero goal.

The study ramp intersections include: 

  • 5th Street and Harrison Street
  • 5th Street and Bryant Street
  • 8th Street and Harrison Street
  • 9th Street and Bryant Street
  • 10th Street and Bryant Street

Recommendations will focus on changes that can be implemented quickly such as signal timing, striping, or signage improvements. The study was initiated in May 2016 and will be complete by the fall of 2017. For more information, please visit the project's Prop K Allocation Request Form. Phase II of this project, begun in the spring of 2017, will expand similar Vision Zero-driven analysis and recommendations for 10 intersections throughout the entire SoMa area.

Phase I Draft Concepts and Public Outreach 

The draft concepts propose short-term improvements for selected intersections based on detailed crash analyses. These short-term concepts include signal upgrades, sidewalk extensions (bulb-outs), new and upgraded crosswalks, lane reconfigurations, and improved lighting. 

Currently, the project team is conducting public outreach in SoMa to receive feedback on the draft concepts. The project team will refine the concepts based on public input and feedback. Feedback and questions can be directed to: Colin Dentel-Post, Senior Planner, San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Call 415-522-4836 or email

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Photo courtesy Thomas Hawk via flickr Commons.