Potrero Hill Pedestrian Safety and Transit Access


Visualization of improvements at 25th, Texas, and Dakota

The Potrero Hill neighborhood is a Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Community of Concern that has a high percentage of people of color and a high percentage of low income households.

A large community-wide revitalization project, Rebuild Potrero, is underway in this neighborhood that promises to bring a number of transformational land use, housing, and transportation changes to the Potrero Terrace and Annex public housing sites. However, Rebuild Potrero is currently in environmental review, and the ultimate build-out of the site is still several years away. Meanwhile, the existing site contains streets that are too wide given the low traffic volumes and many of the intersections are lacking basic amenities such as crosswalks. Additionally, numerous planning studies have cited exhibition driving and unsafe conditions for residents walking the site. Given the extended time frame for Rebuild Potrero and given the unsafe conditions for pedestrians, this project will provide traffic calming, pedestrian safety, and place-making upgrades for residents to benefit from
ahead of the Rebuild Potrero project.

This implementation project was as recommended through the Potrero Hill Neighborhood Transportation Plan (NTP), in partnership with the Planning Department and BRIDGE Housing. Please see the project Allocation Request Form for more information.


The traffic calming, pedestrian safety, and placemaking upgrades will be located at 5 intersections:

  • 25th/Connecticut
  • 25th/Texas/Dakota
  • 23rd/Dakota/Missouri
  • 23rd/Arkansas
  • Missouri/Watchman Way


Construction is anticipated to start in early 2016 and be completed by late 2016.

Community outreach

Partnering with BRIDGE Housing, the Transportation Authority has led a NTP effort that included conceptual designs that obtained significant input from community residents and leaders. The NTP was presented at a community wide
forum on three separate dates where three design charrettes were held with local residents in addition to multiple walks and site visits in concert with community leaders. Additional planning efforts include the Rebuild Potrero Community Assessment and the Green Connections Short-Term Street Improvements Memo.