2014 Prop K Strategic Plan and 5YPP (Early Action Program) Update


Whether you are a San Francisco resident, student, worker, or visitor, it is likely you have already experienced a Prop K-funded transportation improvement. Prop K is a half-cent local sales tax that was approved by over 75% of San Francisco voters in November 2003 that is used to fund transportation projects identified in a 30-year Expenditure Plan—everything from signals to streetcars, bicycles to boulevards, and pedestrian safety improvements to paving.

The Expenditure Plan identifies specific transportation-related projects (e.g., Doyle Drive/Presidio Parkway, Central Subway, Transbay Terminal) and programs (e.g., street resurfacing, bike circulation/safety, curb ramps) to be funded using Prop K and identifies eligible local sponsors who can use the funds. Currently, Prop K generates about $80 million annually in revenue. Importantly, the Prop K Expenditure Plan assumes that sales tax funds will be used by sponsors to match federal, state, or regional funds enabling delivery of the $12 billion (2003 $'s) program.

Why update the Strategic Plan and 5YPPs?

We update the Prop K Strategic Plan and 5YPPs about every four years so that we can reassess how Prop K is being invested to address current and long-term transportation needs. The update helps ensure that Prop K will be able to respond to the recently approved Regional Transportation Plan (Plan Bay Area), the San Francisco Transportation Plan and other initiatives (e.g. Pedestrian Strategy). During the update, we work with project sponsors to update schedules, funding, and expenditures for projects that have already received Prop K funds, and we identify a set of proposed projects to be funded in the next five years with scopes, schedules, and funding plans that support implementation of the 30-year Expenditure Plan.

The 2014 Prop K Strategic Plan and 5YPP update resulted in the Early Action Program of the San Francisco Transportation Plan. For more information, please visit the Early Action Program webpage. For more information on the Strategic Plan and 5YPP update, read below.

View this presentation or read this memo for more information on why we update the Prop K Strategic Plan and 5-Year Prioritization Programs.


To learn more about proposed projects in the 2014 Prop K 5YPPs visit the MyStreetSF interactive project map.  The first group of six 5YPPs were approved at the June 24 Transportation Authority Board meeting. The second group of fourteen 5YPPs were approved at the July 22 Transportation Authority Board meeting. The remaining 5YPP for Bus Rapid Transit/Transit Preferential Stretes/MTA-MUNI Metro Network was approved at the September 23 Transportation Authority Board meeting.


Memos and Presentations to the Plans and Programs Committee

Memos and Presentations to the Citizens Advisory Committee

What is the Prop K Strategic Plan?

The Prop K Strategic Plan is the financial tool that guides the timing and allocation of Prop K revenues over the 30-year Expenditure Plan period. It helps ensure that Prop K funds are available for use when project sponsors need them in order to deliver projects. The Prop K Strategic Plan projects sales tax revenues, project expenditure needs, determines financing needs, and sets policy and provides guidance for the administration of the program.

What are the 5-Year Prioritization Programs (5YPPs)?

The Prop K Expenditure Plan requires that each of the programmatic (i.e., non-project specific) categories develop a 5-Year Prioritization Program (5YPP) as a prerequisite for receiving Prop K allocations. This requirement applies to 21 programs that were identified in the Expenditure Plan, such as street resurfacing, pedestrian and bicycle circulation/safety, traffic calming, and transit enhancements. The purpose of the 5YPPs is to provide transparency in how sponsors prioritize projects for Prop K funding (e.g. why is one project funded and another not), to establish a pipeline of projects that are ready to advance as soon as Prop K and other funds are available, to encourage coordination across Prop K programs, and to support public input early and throughout the project development process.

The 2014 5YPPs, which cover Fiscal Years 2014/15 to 2018/19, serve as the Early Action Program of the San Francisco Transportation Plan (SFTP)--directing funds ot the first five years of SFTP investments.

See information on the 2009 Prop K Strategic Plan.

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